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We Can Install Filter You Bought

Congratulations, you are now a proud owner of a brand-new filter! Say hello to clean, safe drinking water! However, before installing it, please, consider the following tips to ensure the best results:

  1. It is vitally important that you keep every component safe and sound, try not to miss any essential details.
  2. Check for all of the parts that are needed to install a filter in your particular case (installing a filter in different rooms and for different purposes requires additional attention to details).

2. Our specialists have given their recommendations on how to avoid the most frequent problems when installing a filter:

  • Have a clear understanding of what you want to do and what result are you expecting BEFORE you install the filter. Where would you like it to be, on which side of the sink? Will the sink tap interfere? Think about it in advance to avoid making unnecessary holes and ruining the surface.
  • When you are ready to start drilling, be extremely cautious to make sure it is in the right place and with the right equipment. You do not want to damage the surface or the pipes. Be very careful with this part of the installation process, as it may cause major problems if something goes wrong.
  • While assembling the filter, please, take into consideration the fact that the parts are isolated and are covered with plastic sheeting. Do not forget to remove the sheeting, as it will interfere with how the device performs.
  • Be sure to check the pressure in the barrel! Do you know the pressure in your plumbing? What pressure should the barrel be set to? Do you need a pump? One should know the answers to these questions and many more, before beginning the installations, in order to ensure that everything works smoothly and that you have a steady supply of water.
  • For tightening one should use special food lubricants for rubber.

4. How to know if you need a specialist to do the job:

  • You have never drilled complex surfaces and do not want to ruin them
  • You feel confused by all of the details and don’t understand what to do
  • You have no idea how to measure the pressure in the barrel and put it on the right setting
  • You want your purchase to bring you the best results possible
  • You value your time and do not want to waste it on something you have no expertise in

Here, at High Water Standard, we value our customers and our customer’s time. Our team of professionals will gladly help you with water softener and filter installation. You do not have to worry about the quality of our services – during our 15 years of our existence, we have satisfied thousands of clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your new filter!

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are the pros and cons of tankless filters?

    Pros of a tankless filter:

    • it takes more space
    • modern design
    • has a built-in leak detector
    • showing when it’s time for service
    • less water waste


    • depends on electricity


    Does tankless RO filters remove PFOA/PFOS?

    Tankless reverse osmosis (RO) systems are designed to remove a wide range of contaminants from water, including PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctanesulfonic acid). PFOA and PFOS are a type of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that are commonly found in water supplies. RO systems use a semi-permeable membrane that can effectively remove these harmful substances, along with many other impurities, such as heavy metals, chlorine, and various chemicals.

    How often filters need to be changed?

    For households below 6 persons service once a year is enough.

    What gives better water quality tank RO or tankless?

    They are equal.

    Can I connect my RO system to a fridge/chiller/heater?

    Yes, we can provide this service

    I heard NYC water is good. Why do I need a filter?

    NYC water is good by itself, however, NYC pipes are very old and made of lead and copper. So major water contaminants of NYC are chlorine, lead, copper and also a high level of sediment.

    A separate water problem is PFOS/PFOA, it’s a new contaminant that may cause cancer and RO filtration is the most effective way to remove it.

    Do you have a warranty on your systems?

    Yes, all our tankless filters have a 3-year warranty.