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Trying to stay hydrated? Looking for a premium water purification solution in New York? Check out the Eva Tabletop Water Purifier—one of the finest ways to have pure, pristine drinking water on hand, whenever you need it.

Imagine having access to crystal-clear, purified water at the simple turn of a faucet right in your home or office; with the Eva Tabletop Water Purifier, this becomes your daily reality. Designed to cater to the discerning needs of New York’s residents, this system offers unparalleled water quality, merging innovation with simplicity.

Envision a life where every sip of water is refreshing, pure, and invigorating; the Eva system isn’t just about water purification; it’s about enhancing your living standards and ensuring that every glass you drink supports your health and well-being.

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    The Benefits of the Eva Tabletop Water Purifier

    Discover the cornerstone of Eva’s promise to deliver unparalleled water purity: its sophisticated filtration system designed with New York’s diverse needs in mind. It’s one of the finest water purification systems for homes, featuring a powerful 3-stage reverse osmosis (RO) system and UV-LED filtration to keep water as pristine as can be

    With its cutting-edge technology, NSF certification, and user-centric design, it provides purified water alongside the assurance of quality and reliability, making it a top choice for New York homes and offices throughout the city. 

    Its tabletop design makes it convenient to use and access, and you can easily move it wherever you need it to go. It only needs a power line to function, not a water line. With this in mind, it’s also the perfect alternative to traditional electric kettles. 

    It features four convenient temperature settings to suit every need: room temperature for instant refreshment, 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) for safe baby formula preparation, 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit) for the perfect green tea, and boiling at 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) for hot beverages and cooking. 

    Health Benefits

    Water is vital to life, making up about 60% of the human body according to the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Because of this, drinking pure, pristine water is important since contaminants can harm every organ.

    Environmental Impact

    Opting for the Eva Tabletop Water Purifier promotes environmental conservation. The widespread use of bottled water leads to excessive plastic waste, much of which is not recycled, adversely affecting our environment. 

    The Eva purifier stands out by eliminating the need for bottled water and substantially reducing plastic waste and your carbon footprint—all without the logistics of bottled water production and distribution.

    Financial Advantages

    Investing in the Eva Water Purifier can lead to significant financial savings. On average, a New York family could spend about $60 monthly on bottled water, which adds up to over $700 a year. 

    The Eva, requiring no plumbing and minimal maintenance, offers an economical solution by providing purified water at four temperature settings suitable for everything from baby formula to tea. This convenience cuts the recurring costs of bottled water, while its portability ensures it’s a practical choice for renters and frequent movers.

    Why You Should Use the Eva Tabletop Water Purification System in Your Home

    Drinking clean, filtered water is essential to life itself and is one of the easiest ways for you to stay healthy.

    The Eva Tabletop Water Purifier ensures that your water is free from common contaminants like chlorine, bacteria, and heavy metals such as lead—all thanks to its advanced 3-stage reverse osmosis system complemented by innovative UV-LED technology.

    Key Features of the Eva Tabletop Water Purifier

    • Versatile and Convenient: The Eva’s all-in-one tabletop design eliminates the need for installation, making it perfect for users who move frequently or cannot perform permanent installations.
    • Temperature Customization: Tailored for diverse needs, the Eva provides four temperature settings: room temperature, baby formula (45 degrees Celsius/113 degrees Fahrenheit), green tea (80 degrees Celsius/176 degrees Fahrenheit), and boiled water (100 degrees Celsius/212 degrees Fahrenheit).
    • Advanced Filtration Technology: Equipped with a powerful 3-stage reverse osmosis system and UV-LED purification, the Eva effectively removes impurities to ensure that every sip of water is clean and safe.
    • Certified Quality: The Eva Tabletop Water Purifier is NSF-certified, guaranteeing that it meets rigorous health and safety standards. This certification reflects the system’s reliability and effectiveness in providing consistently pure water.
    • Water Quality Assurance: The Eva provides not just clean water but peace of mind, with a design that supports the well-being of families by offering an immediate solution for purified water at various temperatures.

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    Michael K
    Came to my location promptly and installed with in the hour. Very great service!
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    Darima Bud
    Highly recommend: quick prompt service! It was easy to communicate over phone to explain the issue. I also appreciated honestly about malfunction without sale of extra parts and services.
    Highly recommend. The team are super friendly, efficient and not to mention I finally have clean and tasty drinking water!
    Michael Kagan
    Michael Kagan
    Very professional, quick, and a clean and custom job. Fit out kitchen sink perfectly.
    Linh Sinh
    Linh Sinh
    High Water Standard is accurate in its company name. The initial phone call and subsequent information was accurate and provided in a timely fashion. We had been looking into a water tank/filtration system. Our building recently replaced its water tank and the water quality was awful. Igor came the day before Thanksgiving and did a fantastic job installing the tankless system. The water quality is amazing now. We expected quality water, but this company exceeded our expectations in everyway.
    Martin Kamornik
    Martin Kamornik
    Extremely knowledgeable and professional service. Igor went above and beyond to make my poorly installed RO water system work perfectly. Very reasonably priced as well. Highly recommended
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    Yong G Kim
    I had a problem on Sunday afternoon, but they came quickly to solve it. Highly recommended
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    Barbara Markoglu
    High Water Standards has great customer service and I highly recommend them. Igor looked at the space we had and recommended what we needed. The entire process from start to install was easy. Thank you!
    Michelle Gindi
    Michelle Gindi
    Excellent service thank you Igor

    Unrivaled Ease of Experience and Simple Use

    The Eva Tabletop Water Purifier is engineered for ease of use right from the start, requiring no complex installation procedures. This makes it the perfect option for New Yorkers who often relocate around the city or live in rental properties where making permanent modifications isn’t really a feasible option. High Water Standard ensures a seamless setup process for customers, allowing you to enjoy purified water immediately upon unboxing.

    Maintaining the Eva Tabletop Water Purifier is simple and straightforward thanks to its design that emphasizes minimal maintenance and upkeep. To make your purchase even better, High Water Standard provides comprehensive support and maintenance guidance to ensure that your purifier continues to operate efficiently for many years to come. 

    Furthermore, ongoing technical support is readily available to address any concerns and ensure that your system maintains its high performance and longevity over the long term.


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      Frequently Asked Questions
      Why Should NYC Water Be Filtered?

      While NYC’s water is generally renowned for its high quality, aging infrastructure in water delivery systems means that there’s a basic risk of contamination from debris and other materials. 

      Thus, NYC water should be filtered to remove any residual contaminants, improve taste and odor, and enhance overall water quality, ensuring that you and your family enjoy pure and safe drinking water.

      How Quickly Can You Install a Tabletop Water Purifier?

      Our team can install your Eva tabletop water purifier in approximately 2 hours, ensuring a quick and efficient setup without disrupting your daily routine.

      How Often Should I Have Eva Filters Changed?

      Eva filters should be changed annually to help maintain optimal water quality and peak system efficiency. Thankfully for you, our service includes reminders to ensure your system is always up to date and running at its best.

      Do You Provide a Warranty on Your Systems?

      Yes, we offer a warranty on our systems that can last up to 3 years, depending on the system you choose. Before buying, reach out for the specific warranty length for this particular model.

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