Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Repair

Has your RO filter stopped working? Can you hear strange operational noises coming from your reverse osmosis unit? Before you decide to replace your entire tankless RO system, consider the affordable repair options that TanklessFilter, your go-to NYC water treatment expert, offers.
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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Repair

Imagine trying to get a glass of water and expecting clear water with the appropriate taste your RO system typically delivers, but instead, getting a slow trickle of cloudy liquid. You most likely will be sorely disappointed and concerned. We are aware of how frustrating a broken RO system can be. A damaged system can disrupt your routine, and clean, wholesome water is crucial for your well-being. For this reason, we provide excellent repair services where we detect and fix various RO system issues, restoring your water’s natural flow and flavor.

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    Don’t Just Replace, Repair! Common Tankless RO System Issues We Fix

    Although no two tankless RO systems are the same, they all have some problems in common. They include:

    • Slow Water Flow: The plausible causes of slow water flow are a bad pressure gauge, a worn-out RO membrane, or a blocked filter. Our technicians will swiftly find and fix the parts to ensure the water flow is uninterrupted.
    • Poor Water Quality: If the water taste is off, there could be a problem with the RO membrane and pre-filters. We can detect the cause and change the necessary components to restore healthy drinking water. 
    • Leaks can occur at various points in your RO system, leading to water damage and wasted water. Our technicians are trained to find the leak. They will locate it and fix it, preventing further problems.
    • No Water Production: A broken pressure switch, blocked pipes, or a broken pump might cause a lack of water flowing from your RO system. We’ll quickly restore your water flow by carefully inspecting your system to determine the issue.
    • Unusual Noises: If your RO system makes strange noises, it might indicate a broken pump or a loose part. Don’t think of replacements as maintenance. Once your RO system is already at that noise-making stage, a repair of components is most likely.

    Why Choose TanklessFilter for Your NYC Tankless RO Repair Needs?

    Providing New York City with clean, healthy water is our passion. We have built a reputation for excellence for over a decade, leaving behind a trail of satisfied customers who are social proofs of our work ethic. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

    • Skilled and Experienced Technicians: Our team consists of skilled engineers who have experience with all variants of RO systems. They will help detect the problem with your RO system and make a long-lasting repair.
    • Commitment to Quality: We pay borderline extravagant attention to details when sourcing parts. We use only high-quality parts so that repairs can last longer.
    • Competitive Prices: We know that unexpected repairs can be a financial strain. That’s why we always aim to give you the best value for your money when we perform repairs.

    Transparent Communication: Our technicians are trained communicators. They will keep you informed every step of repair.

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    Beyond Repair: When Upgrading Your Tankless RO System Might Be Necessary

    In some cases, repairing your existing tankless RO system might not be the most cost-effective option. Here are a few situations where upgrading to a new system might be more suitable:

    • Age of Your System: Your Tankless RO unit may have frequent problems due to its age. The best bet is to change it to a newer, more efficient model. Think of it as a long-term investment in your health.
    • Advancements in Technology: RO system technology is changing. Manufacturers are constantly working to improve their products so that they have better filtration, energy efficiency, and water flow rates.
    • Parts Availability: Finding parts for outdated RO units can be difficult. So much technological development is happening every day. Upgrading to a newer model is the best way to ensure that our technicians can readily find parts and repair your unit if it develops a fault.

    Schedule your tankless RO system repair today and get back to enjoying clean water. Don’t settle for unhealthy drinking water. Let our technicians at TanklessFilter inspect and fix your tankless RO system quickly. Our scheduling options are flexible. Contact us today.

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    Mysp Amaccount
    Mysp Amaccount
    High Water Standard was great. Emailed them about SimPure water filter we had purchased. They ensured we get the right faucet for the install, checked photos of our under sink space and connections and then came to do the install. Very friendly and helpful. Perfect installation. Looks clean and tidy and well organized under our sink now. Thank you!
    Hong Chan Kim
    Hong Chan Kim
    Igor was very friendly and explained everything clearly on how the system works. Happy with the setup. Smooth process. No mess. Water tastes 100x better. Highly recommend!
    Kamco Inc
    Kamco Inc
    Great family owned business. Love working with them. They did a great job on three separate occasions that they installed water filtration system for us. Will definitely recommend them any time.
    Maria Kubiak
    Maria Kubiak
    Got water filter installed on a few days ago. It’s a life changing experience— everything tastes much better, food that you cook, coffee, tea, and off course water itself). From the very beginning all service provided was very professional. Knowledgeable consulting, impeccable mess free installation. If you planning to upgrade your water quality there is no other place to go.
    Lily Andrews
    Lily Andrews
    Good customer service. Efficient installation. Quality of the water seems high! Prices also seem fair; especially the offer to move an installed filter to a new apartment.
    Nataly Ulianitskaya
    Nataly Ulianitskaya
    Great job, quick and professional!!!
    Tomer Cohen
    Tomer Cohen
    Very friendly and professional. Whole process from reach out to installation took 5 days. Installation was smooth as can be
    Dave Kalstein
    Dave Kalstein
    Great company, very high-end, full-service! Their installation technician, Igor, is an expert and a true professional. When I decided I wanted an entirely different water after he did the initial installation, Igor came back and replaced it with the model I wanted within 24 hours and there was no extra charge. These people are filtered water experts and their customer service is fantastic. Highly recommend.
    Claudia Cantarella
    Claudia Cantarella
    Excellent service from start to finish. Prompt communication, interaction with building management, and scheduling. Installation was professional and efficient. RO water filtration system works beautifully. Very pleased overall. Would highly recommend.

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      How much does it cost to replace RO filters?

      The cost of replacing RO filters varies depending on the specific filters needed for your system. However, TanklessFilter offers competitive prices and can provide a quote during your service call.

      How often to change reverse osmosis filters?

      The frequency of filter changes depends on your water quality and usage. Generally, pre-filters should be replaced every 6-12 months, while the RO membrane might last 1-2 years. TanklessFilter can run consultations, advising you on the maintenance schedule specific to your system.

      How long to run water after changing the RO filter?

      After replacing your RO filters, it’s recommended to run the system for about 10-15 minutes to flush out any air or loose carbon particles. The initial water may be cloudy, but it will clear up quickly.

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