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Improve the drinking water in your New York home with the Van Water Filter System, an economical choice that doesn’t compromise on quality or efficiency. 

Designed for budget-conscious consumers, the Van model is capable of processing up to 400 gallons of purified water each day—matching the performance of premium models without the hefty price tag.

Say goodbye to bulky, outdated RO systems and unnecessary bottled water dispensers. The Van model is here to help provide superior filtration, sleek design, and cost-saving benefits, all in one compact package.


More often than not, installing a water purification system is a good idea. You can see for yourself how good or bad the water you drink is. Contact us by filling out the form below.

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    What Makes The Van Water Filter System Stand Out

    Discover the Van Water Filter System, your budget-friendly ally in achieving pure and safe drinking water without straining your wallet. 

    This innovative system is designed to cater to those who prioritize both quality and affordability, all while ensuring that access to clean water isn’t some far-out luxury—but a true standard for every home throughout New York City. With the capability to deliver up to 400 gallons of crystal-clear water a day, the Van Water Filter System stands out for its exceptional efficiency. 

    So whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or simply enjoying a refreshing glass of water, the system ensures that you have a continuous supply of purified water at your disposal. This high output is particularly beneficial for families, ensuring that everyone has access to clean water anytime they need it.

    The Van model boasts a sophisticated multi-stage reverse osmosis process—with four stages of advanced filtration, each designed to target and eliminate different contaminants, the system offers comprehensive purification. From removing sediments and particles to reducing chemical residues, the system ensures your water is safe and tastes great.

    Moreover, the Van Water Filter System proudly bears NSF certification, which is an assurance that it meets rigorous health and safety standards. This certification is a testament to the system’s ability to effectively reduce contaminants and provide water that’s safe for consumption.

    Another standout feature of the Van model is its advanced water leak detection capability. This proactive safety measure is designed to alert you at the first sign of leakage, preventing potential water damage and offering you some much-needed peace of mind.


    Water, an essential component of life, constitutes about 60% of the human body, as highlighted by the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Ensuring the purity of the water you consume is essential for your health since contaminants and microorganisms can adversely affect every organ and cell within your body. 

    The Van Water Filter System, with its advanced multi-stage reverse osmosis technology, is engineered to eliminate a broad spectrum of harmful contaminants. Providing up to 400 gallons of pristine, purified water daily ensures that your hydration needs are met with the highest quality water to help safeguard your health and well-being.

    Better for the Environment

    Choosing the Van Water Filter System is a step toward achieving true environmental stewardship. Traditional reliance on bottled water significantly contributes to plastic waste, with a staggering number of plastic bottles used annually, many of which do not get recycled and end up harming our planet. 

    Installing the Van system under your sink means that you reduce the need for bottled water, directly cutting down on plastic waste and helping to alleviate the environmental burden. The system’s efficient design and operation also mean a smaller carbon footprint compared to bottled water production and distribution.

    Financial Benefits

    Investing in the Van Water Filter System offers substantial financial savings. The cost of purchasing bottled water adds up; for example, an average family in New York might spend around $60 monthly on bottled water, totaling over $700 annually. In contrast, the Van system, with its efficient filtration capacity and low maintenance requirements, provides a cost-effective alternative. 

    Delivering purified water directly from your tap eliminates the ongoing expense of bottled water, allowing for significant savings each year, all while enjoying the convenience and safety of clean, filtered water at home.

    Why Filtered Water is The Right Choice for Your Home

    The Van Water Filter System is a budget-friendly option that ensures that your water is free from impurities like chlorine, bacteria, and heavy metals, including lead. This system is equipped with advanced filtration technology that meticulously removes these contaminants.

    When you choose the Van system for your home, you can confidently meet your hydration needs, enjoying water that is not just pure but of the highest quality available—all without breaking the bank. 

    Key Features of The Van Water Filter System

    • Cost-Effective: Enjoy premium water filtration without the premium price. The Van system offers exceptional value, ensuring your health and environmental well-being are not compromised.
    • Efficient Water Usage: The design of the Van system minimizes water wastage, a common concern with filtration systems. It focuses on efficient water purification and delivery, ensuring you get only the best quality drinking water.
    • Compact Design: Forget the need for large, cumbersome filtration units of before—the Van’s sleek, space-saving design fits seamlessly under your sink and is suitable for any home size.
    • Superior Filtration: The Van’s filtration prowess is evident in its ability to remove a wide array of contaminants, including heavy metals like lead and chemicals such as PFOS, PFOA, and PFSA, ensuring your water is clean and safe.
    • Certified Quality: Backed by industry-leading NSF certification, the Van Water Filter System is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring reliability and optimal performance.
    • Water Quality: The Van provides exceptional tankless reverse osmosis filtration, securing your family’s health by supplying the cleanest water. Regular water testing is recommended to maintain confidence in your water quality, offering reliability and peace of mind.

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    Michael K
    Came to my location promptly and installed with in the hour. Very great service!
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    Darima Bud
    Highly recommend: quick prompt service! It was easy to communicate over phone to explain the issue. I also appreciated honestly about malfunction without sale of extra parts and services.
    Highly recommend. The team are super friendly, efficient and not to mention I finally have clean and tasty drinking water!
    Michael Kagan
    Michael Kagan
    Very professional, quick, and a clean and custom job. Fit out kitchen sink perfectly.
    Linh Sinh
    Linh Sinh
    High Water Standard is accurate in its company name. The initial phone call and subsequent information was accurate and provided in a timely fashion. We had been looking into a water tank/filtration system. Our building recently replaced its water tank and the water quality was awful. Igor came the day before Thanksgiving and did a fantastic job installing the tankless system. The water quality is amazing now. We expected quality water, but this company exceeded our expectations in everyway.
    Martin Kamornik
    Martin Kamornik
    Extremely knowledgeable and professional service. Igor went above and beyond to make my poorly installed RO water system work perfectly. Very reasonably priced as well. Highly recommended
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    Yong G Kim
    I had a problem on Sunday afternoon, but they came quickly to solve it. Highly recommended
    Barbara Markoglu
    Barbara Markoglu
    High Water Standards has great customer service and I highly recommend them. Igor looked at the space we had and recommended what we needed. The entire process from start to install was easy. Thank you!
    Michelle Gindi
    Michelle Gindi
    Excellent service thank you Igor

    Professional Assistance with Van Water Filter Installation

    While the Van system is designed for user-friendly installation and maintenance, professional setup by experienced professionals is recommended to ensure optimal functionality for homes throughout New York City. 

    To help you, High Water Standard offers certified installation experts who are adept at efficiently setting up your Van Water Filter System.  Specifically designed for under-sink installation, the Van system is compact and unobtrusive and fits neatly within the cabinetry to save space while providing easy access for maintenance.

    High Water Standard sets the standard (no pun intended) for excellence in installation services, ensuring that your Van Water Filter System is up and running within just two hours. Our team of skilled professionals is trained to handle every aspect of the installation with precision and care to ensure that your system is set up for optimal performance from day one.

    When it comes to maintenance, the Van Water Filter System is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Regular upkeep is minimal, typically involving simple filter changes that you can do yourself without specialized tools or professional assistance. 

    On top of all this, our ongoing technical support and guidance are always available, further providing you with peace of mind and ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your system.


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      Frequently Asked Questions
      Why should I be concerned with NYC water?

      While it meets strict standards for treatment and transportation, New York City’s water may still potentially contain various impurities and contaminants because of aging building pipes that can directly affect its taste and safety. By setting up a Van water filter under your sink, you secure access to pure drinking water, eliminating any concerns or related risks.

      Can I get an under sink water filter if I'm renting an apartment?

      Absolutely! Our under sink reverse osmosis water filter systems are perfect for renters in New York, too, offering a non-invasive installation that can be easily reversed, ensuring you can enjoy purified water without worrying about altering the rental unit permanently.

      How often should I have these filters changed?

      We personally recommend professional filter replacement and preventative maintenance servicing approximately once a year. Our experts will reach out and notify you when it’s time for servicing, guaranteeing that your system functions at its best at all times.

      Do you provide a warranty on your systems?

      Yes, we offer varying warranties on our systems that lasts up to three years depending on the particular system you choose. This helps provide peace of mind while ensuring that your investment is protected and that your water remains pure and safe for many years to come.

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