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Vita Tower M

Vita Tower M Tankless Water Filter System: Clean Water With Minerals in New York


  • System adapted to New York City water

  • Touchscreen for power, filter cartridge selection, flush and reset.

  • Filter cartridge replacement reminder

  • 4-Stage filter cartridges: PP, CTO, RO, T-33.

  • Automatic shuts water off at both the filter and the base. Integrated water flow.

  • No tubes and fittings, no leakage risk.

  • Pure water flow around 0.32 gal/1.2 l in a minute.

  • Compact and super slim design.

  • With only 4.1 inches

  • NSF certificated RO membrane.

  • Dimension: 15.9*4.2*17.8 inches

Upgrade your water purification system with the Vita Tower M tankless water filter. This compact and high-flow RO system delivers an impressive 400 gallons of purified water per day, ensuring a constant supply for your household within New York that we serve.

Vita Tower M utilizes advanced tankless reverse osmosis technology, enhanced with mineralization, to provide you with the highest quality drinking water imaginable. 

Vita Tower M needs no huge, outdated RO systems. It eliminates bulky bottled dispensers saving you space in your home. It is designed with advanced filtration technology in a very small footprint making sure every drop of drinking water is ultra-pure, and clear of contaminants and impurities


Vita Tower M exceeds standard RO systems, supplying a tankless RO system for an endless supply of pure and clean water.

Key Features:

Cost-Effective: High-quality filtration at an affordable price without worries about your health and environment.

Efficient Water Usage: Water wastage is a huge con that the consumer has nowadays. Through our system you won’t have any water wastage, but only the best filtering, and delivery of drinking water.

Compact Design: There is no need for a big-volume, bulk filtering system. Its minimalist design and compactness are both suitable for use in any space size, small or large.

Superior Filtration: It is the strength of our system of filtration that lies in its ability to effectively remove a wide range of pollutants including heavy metals like Lead, the chemicals such as PFOS, PFOA, and PFSA, so your water remains clean and fit to drink.

Certified Quality: Powered by certifications, our Vita Tower M is produced with no defects and with a great chance to work perfectly.

Water Quality: Vita Tower M is a great tankless reverse osmosis filter that guarantees families’ well-being by providing them with the cleanest water source. Just like with all the other things, we also advise regular water testing which would help to guarantee reliability and peace of mind.


Vita Filters: Types and Quality Standards

Every user of Vita filter will understand that our filters are made using the best quality standards with impurity and contaminants removal, and every water drop that flows through your tap is the best one can be. Removing the sediments to the latest technology is included in Vita filters. Advanced mineralization has been engineered into Vita filters providing high water quality and taste.

Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Installation and Maintenance

Professional services are always a guarantee when installing your tankless reverse osmosis (RO) water filter and maintaining it. The Tankless Filter team has experts who understand the importance of correct installation and maintenance. 

How We Install the Filter System

Our qualified experts gradually deal with the details of the tankless reverse osmosis water filter installation, giving all procedures the most accurate attention and perfect care. 

The first step is to check what water system is in place in the house so that we can select the best position for your Vita M unit. 

When the site is established, our specialists will mount the system with a profound awareness of the work to give the system secure operation and reliability guaranteed.

We’ll go a step further by making the fitting consistent with the current water line thus simplifying the installation. We won’t let anything take its pace during the installation, remaining both efficient and neat. 

Installation and Repair Costs

We offer transparent and upfront cost estimates not only for our installation but for repair services as well. Our rates are competitive and tailor-made for you. The scope of our service ranges from design to commissioning, installation service, one-stop troubleshooting, and annual maintenance at no hidden fee and no surprise billing.

Why Filtered Water is Better for You

The Vita Tower M water consumed will not contain impurities such as chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals (lead), etc., since it is equipped with a modern water filtration system.

Government agencies are also increasingly warning about chemicals such as PFOS, PFOA and PFSA. Vita Tower M does an excellent job of removing these pollutants thanks to reverse osmosis technology.

With Vita Tower M you can feel comfortable while meeting your drinking water needs with the purest water of the highest quality.

Professional Help with Vita Water Filter Installation

No matter how simple the filtering process may seem, it is advised to let professional engineers set up and maintain the water filtering systems. Our company offers certified installation and support pros, which are ready and waiting to assist you at any time. Starting with your Vita Tower M water filters right up to them being installed and operating at peak performance, we’ll ensure it is operating at their best.

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Ready to enjoy the benefits of the Vita Tower tankless water filter system? Contact us now to inquire about the Vita Tower and take the first step toward cleaner and healthier water. Experience the power of clean and pure water with the Vita Tower – your perfect water purification solution.


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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What Makes Tower M Differ from the Vita Stadium Filter?

    With an added tankless technology and an advanced osmotic membrane that enables a larger volume of water to be treated, Vita Tower M provides all the bunch that we do on Vita Stadium filter service, but it has additional features. You have the opportunity to experience that same quality of drinking water at home provided with added convenience and potential to have additional capabilities.

    Can You Install a Tankless Reverse Osmosis System Quickly?

    Our group of certified installers is skillful enough in that they are set to install Vita Tower M systems fast and without leaving any openings for mistakes — such that you can relish the tranquility of pure water over as short a time as possible. On top of our equipment being of the highest quality in the market, we also go the extra mile to make sure you don’t feel any disruption to your daily activities.

    How Much Does it Cost to Install This Filter?

    The installation cost will depend on your particular setup and whatever else added service you may need besides. We will have our water specialist consultant go to your house for a free review and a very accurate value quote. Contact us now for customized packages that are purely based on your preferences.